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Mission Statement

The Golden Wolves Hockey program is committed to delivering the most comprehensive hockey training available to youth of all ages. We are dedicated to improving the skills and confidence of our youth hockey players, while providing a positive learning experience as we challenge our players to grow in every aspect of the game. We recognize that ice hockey is just a game, and our program provides the best possible opportunity to have fun while playing the sport of Ice Hockey. We also recognize that skills and knowledge learned from playing ice hockey will last a lifetime, and can be invaluable tools used both on and off the ice.

All of our programs, regardless of level, are structured to provide players with the latitude for individual growth, and will enable each participant to reach their maximum potential, while helping to prepare them to succeed in life's competitive environment. Golden Wolves Hockey promotes personal pride and positive character.  It is our goal to cultivate sportsmanship, respect, cooperation and self discipline amongst players, coaches, parents, spectators and teams. Golden Wolves Hockey also recognizes the importance of the student-athletes academic experience, and places its highest values on academic achievement. The student comes first; the athlete is second.

The cornerstone and driving principle of our organization is our commitment to youth and our community.


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