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About Travel Hockey


  • Can you briefly explain Youth Travel Hockey?

Youth travel hockey is considered a competitive league, whereas teams will hold tryouts and select players based on their individual skills.   Players are then assigned teams in the appropriate age and skill classification, and compete against other players in and out of state.  Travel hockey is a commitment, and requires dedication from both player and families to reach maximum potential.  Additional information on youth hockey can be found via the following links.


  • How do I pay for the season?

At registration you can pay for the entire season or choose a payment plan. The payment plan installments are due according to the following schedule.  Initial payment is due at selection, and the balance of the fees split over the outlined dates.   All fees can be billed automatically to the billing method selected at time of registration (credit card).

1. May 19, 2014               

Tryout Registration - $100

1. Jun   15, 2014
(payment 1 of 6) $500
2. Jul    15, 2014
(payment 2 of 6) $550
3. Aug  15, 2014
(payment 3 of 6) $550
4. Sep  15, 2014
(payment 4 of 6) $550
5. Oct  15, 2014
(payment 5 of 6) $550
6. Nov 15, 2014
(payment 6 of 6) Bal.

Any payment not meeting the due date, the use of an invalid credit card, or insufficient funds or invalid check, may result in player suspension from all team activities, including but not limited to team practices and games, until your account is paid to date.


  • What does my season hockey fee include?

 Your fee for the season includes the following:
ALL League Games (12-20 Games depending on Age Division)
(2) In Season Tournaments (All other Tournaments are paid by Team Fund)
(2) Weekly Practices (Late Aug 2014 - thru Feb 2015)
(1) Weekly Academy Practice (Late Aug 2014 - thru Feb 2015)

  • What else can I expect to pay?

In addition to your registration and membership dues, you are required to purchase uniforms, pay your player contribution to your team fund, and pay for your own travel related expenses such as transportation, hotels, and meals. 

Additional Expenses

  • Uniforms:  2 team jerseys (home/away), socks, warm-ups, helmet decals, team equipment bag.  Fees vary as returning players often have the required uniforms and bag from the prior season.  Typically first time players can expect to pay approximately $500 for all uniforms and official team equipment bag.
  • Team Fund:  Team Fund fees are also required, and NOT included in your team membership fees. The team fund is managed and collected by your assigned team manager or authorized Golden Wolves representative. Each individual team manager will manage the budget for ancillary Team Expenses.

Examples of Ancillary Team Fees: Extra Tournaments, Referees for Scrimmages, Extra Hours of Ice not assigned by the Association, Non Parent Coach Expenses including travel related expenses, Team Parties, and other Team Related activity expenses.

These total expenses are divided by the number of players on the team and paid to the team checkbook.  The average season contribution per player is somewhere between $400 and $800 per season, and depends on the level of play and the number of games estimated at the begining of each season.  Teams that travel to out of state tournaments may have a higher fund than teams that agree to play more local games or within the state of Florida only.  Team fund fees are in addition to your Golden Wolves Hockey Season Fee, and can be augmented through fundraising activities.

  • Travel:  Travel Expenses for all related team functions are also not included. in your team fees  Frequently games will be held locally or a single day trip only.  However, for longer distances and tournaments, you may be required to stay in a hotel for 1-3 nights. Hotels can either be designated by the tournament director or chosen as part of the teams selection, and on average are budgeted between $90-$120 per night.  For out of state tournaments you will also need to consider if your team is driving or flying to the tournament location.  Travel costs vary, and you should factor in these additional expenses when budgeting for the season.


  • How long does the travel season run?

Our season runs from late August thru February.  If your team qualifies to compete for the State Championships, Regional Finals, or National Finals, you can expect tp play thru March and possibly in to early April. 


  • How often do your travel teams practice?

Teams typically practice twice a week for 1 hour as a team, in addition to once a week for 1 hour as part of our Golden Wolves Pinnacle Academy.  In addition to the on ice practice sessions, most teams will also conduct off ice training and conditioning, class room strategy, and film study, to complete each players curriculum.


  • At what level do I register my child?

USA Hockey sets age standards for all levels of play, and players must register according to their birth date. The age classifications below are based on a players age as of January 01.

USAH 2014-2015:   Age Level Classification

18 Years
Midget 18 & Under
17 Years
Midget 18 & Under
16 Years
Midget 16 & Under
15 Years
Midget 16 & Under
14 Years
Bantam 14 or Under
13 Years
Bantam 14 or Under
12 Years
Pee Wee 12 or Under
11 Years
Pee Wee 12 or Under
10 Years
Squirt 10 or Under  
09 Years
Squirt 10 or Under  
08 Years
Mites 8 or Under


  • What is the tryout evaluation, and do all players have to attend tryouts?

All players are required to attend tryouts each season. Based on the evaluation, skaters and goalies are placed on the age appropriate team that best matches their abilities. If there is a conflict or special situation and you are unable to attend a tryout, you should present your situation to the head coach or authorized Golden Wolves representative prior to the scheduled tryout date.  Attempts have been made to schedule tryouts for maximum attendance with 3-4 weeks notice and participation is required to complete the coaches evaluation.


  • How are players evaluated during tryouts?

Head coaches for a particular age category (mite, squirt, peewee, bantam, and midget), along with two or three additional evaluators will try to objectively assess the skills of each player during each tryout.

Using a set series of drills designed to help demonstrate the skills needed to play the game, at the competitive level the evaluators will be looking for skating ability, stick handling, shooting ability, and knowledge of the game. 

Coaches also evaluate puck control with the stick and skates, forehand and backhand passing, and pass reception. Forward and backward skating, turning, “crossovers”, stopping, transitions, lateral movement, and endurance are some of the skating skills that are also evaluated.


  • What kind of commitment are the coaches looking for?

All the coaches are looking for players who have the desire, dedication and discipline to play travel hockey. This includes a willingness to attend all practices, off-ice conditioning (if any), games, and tournaments. Coaches expect players to have the self-discipline to notify the coach or team manager of any conflicts, perform well in school, and budget their time to avoid excuses for not completeing homework, tests or choirs at home.  Above all, our coaches expect all players to be respectful of others.

While we understand that every player must balance their home, school, and hockey life, a commitment to a travel team implies a commitment and a responsibility to teammates and the coaching staff.  Discipline is also expected on and off the ice regarding proper behavior. Fighting, profanity, and disrespect for other people (including teammates, opponents and game officials,) and disrespect for property will not be tolerated, and may result in disciplinary action including suspension from games or practices or suspension from the team. The Golden Wolves Travel Hockey program has a long history of fielding teams that play the game with dignity and respect, whether they are winning or losing, and we will not allow this tradition to be compromised.

In this regard, and in the best interests of the program, players and coaches, Golden Wolves Travel Hockey may exercise its right to deny participation to a player or parent based on prior incidents involving the player and/or a parent.

Players and parents will be provided a “Code of Conduct” that they will be required to sign. This “ Code of Conduct” will detail what is expected from them regarding their responsibility to the team.


  • Do I need the players’ birth certificate to register?

Yes. According to USA Hockey rules, we cannot complete a registration without a copy of the players’ official birth certificate. Hospital or baptismal certificates cannot be accepted. If you registered your child with the Golden Wolves last season, we will have a birth certificate on file.  If you are new to our program, USA Hockey requires us to acquire a copy of your child’s birth certificate, which you can upload during your electronic registration process.

Additionally,  All players must have a valid 2014-2015 USA Hockey registration receipt prior to registering with the Golden Wolves, and can be found via the following USA Hockey link.


  • What Hockey Equipment is needed to play travel hockey?

Players are required to have the following Equipment: 

  • Certified Helmet - "Black"
  • Helmet Facemask
  • Gloves
  • Shin pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Shoulder pads
  • Team jersey
  • Team socks
  • Team bag
  • Pants / Hip Pads
  • Mouth guard
  • Neck guard
  • Skates
  • Stick
  • Cup or Pelvic Protector
  • Water bottle
  Please see one of our coaches or other parents during tryouts if you require specific equipment information.